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General Championship Shows with CCs on offer


Manchester Dog Show Society 16th January 2021 (Cancelled)

Judge: Mrs R E A Barney

Crufts (Now 15th-18th July 2021 CANCELLED)

Judge: Mrs J White

Birmingham Dog Show Society (Now 23rd-26th September 2021)

Judge: Mr M W Sanders

Scottish Kennel Club (Now 3rd October 2021)

Judge: Mrs E A Macdonald

Bath Canine Society (now 2nd August 2021)

Judge: Mrs Z Thorn-Andrews

Windsor Dog Show Society 2nd July 2021 (CANCELLED)

Judge: Mr C C Pascoe

Greyhound Club  17th October 2021: (Rescheduled date)

Judge: Mr K Thornton

Hound Association 17th July 2021

Judge: J Vuorenon

Leeds City & District Canine Association 24th July 2021

Judge: JoAnne Buehler

Welsh Kennel Club (CANCELLED)


Driffield Championship Show Society 28th August 2021

Judge: Mr R A W Searle

City Of Birmingham Canine Association 3rd September 2021 Judge: Miss C Millward

Richmond Dog Show Society 10th September 2021


Darlington Dog Show Society 19th September 2021

Judge: Ms Alayna Allen

Ladies Kennel Association 11th December 2021

Judge: Mr Paul Singleton



Manchester Dog Show Society 20th January 2022

Judge: Mr P Iversen (Norway)

Crufts 11th March 2022

Judge: Mr M G Cocozza

Birmingham Dog Show Society 6th May 2022

Judge: Mrs P M Marston-Pollock

Bath 27th May 2022

Judge: Miss C Boggia

WKC August 2022

Judge: Miss S Finnett

Driffield 26th August 2022

Judge: Mrs M Pascoe

Darlington Dog Show Society 16th September 2022

Judge: Mrs E McKnight

LKA 10th December 2022

Judge: Mrs M Holder


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