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17 Class Open Show (AM)

Sunday 6th May 2018

Judge: Mr H Heathcote

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Reserve Best Puppy in Show


Best Racing/Lure Coursing In Show

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Best Veteran In Show



Reserve Best Veteran in Show



Class 1 Puppy Dog ( entries)


Class 2 Junior Dog ( entries)

Class 3 Yearling Dog ( entry)


Class 4 Post Graduate Dog ( entries)


Class 5 Limit Dog ( entry)

Class 6 Open Dog ( entries)

Class 7 Special Racing/Lure Coursing Dog ( entries)

Class 8 Veteran Dog ( entry)

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Best Puppy Dog

Best R/C Dog

Best Veteran Dog

Class 9 Puppy Bitch ( entries)

Class 10 Junior Bitch (No entries)

Class 11 Yearling Bitch (entries)

Class 12 Post Graduate Bitch ( entries)

Class 13 Limit Bitch ( entries)

Class 14 Open Bitch (3 entries)

Class 15 Special Racing/Lure Coursing Bitch ( entries)

Class 16 Veteran Bitch ( entries)

Class 17 Brace ( entry)

Best Bitch

Res Best Bitch

Best Puppy Bitch

Best R/C Bitch

Best Veteran Bitch 

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