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Special 70th Anniversary Championship Show 2016 judged by Mrs C Rishworth



DCC Ir/Int Ch Sobers Redmond with Starchelle

RDCC Fionn Clann Keefer

BIS, BVIS & BCC Ch Windspiel Northern Stylo

RBCC Multi Ch Jets Take a Bow with Blakeskerra

RBVIS Spihra's Mountain King

BR/CIS Gentlemen Geneva John

RBR/CIS Reggies Lady at Wickwar


PD (No entries)


JD (2 entries, 1A)

1st Windspiel Northern Stroler To Gemsbok


YD (2 entries)

1st Windspiel Northern Sherpa

2nd Estet Classic Keepsake


ND (2 entries)

1st Windspiel Northern Sherpa

2nd Mistweave Mr Daydreamer


PGD (2 entries)

1st Mistweave Mr Daydreamer

2nd Romgrey Sea Horse With Ransley

LD (7 entries, 2A)


1st Fionn Clann Keefer

2nd Boughton Blenheim Sh.CM

3rd Wndspiel Northern Scribe for Alouann

4th Boughton Bold and Brave of Dawnchase

5th Horus Des Dame Du Lac Avec Eldesi


OD (5 entries, 1A)

1st Ir/Int Ch Sobers Redmond With Starchelle

2nd Ch Boughton Brigadier

3rd Estet Classic Broadway

4th Spihra's Mountain King


SR/CD (8 entries, 1A)

1st Gentlemen Geneva John

2nd Inismor Impact

3rd Sawdoctor at Wickwar

4th Jiggery Pokery

5th Galtymoore Fran


VD (3 entries, 1A)

1st Spihra's Mountain King

Mistweave Messa Round at Hallimans


PB (No entries)


JB (2 entries)

1st Windspiel Northern Sharona

2nd Windspiel Northern Sosina


YB (2 entries, 1A)

1st Estet Classic Kalends


NB (1 entry)

1st Boughton Bombshell


PGB (3 entries)

1st Pineron Pattyestetclassic at Hallimans

2nd Talissand Aromous Mystic

3rd Windgold Rapide Mascotts


LB (5 entries, 3A)

1st Aroi Aryal Speed of Light

2nd Jaystown The Colour of Magic at Muicks


OB (7 entries, 1A)

1st Multi Ch Jets Take A Bow with Blakeskerra

2nd Boughton Balanchine

3rd Am Ch Grandcru Resonance with Mistweave

4th Ch Boughton Back To Blighty

5th Ir Ch Ina's Fashion Breathtaking


SR/CB (7 entries, 1A)

1st Reggies Lady at Wickwar

2nd Callini Tappa NAF TAF

3rd Galtee Bella at Muicks

4th Miss Longrange Snow

5th Fifi Jo


VB (7 entries)

1st Ch Windspiel Northern Stylo

2nd Ch Bellezza Di Boughton

3rd Telltales Celia

4th Talissand Aromous Mystic

5th Shalfleet Just a Crystal


Stud Dog (No entries)


Brood Bitch (2 entries)

1st Ch Bellezza Di Boughton

2nd Ch Windspiel Northern Stylo


Special Award Classes-judged by Tom Mather

SpYD/B (4 entries)

1st Windspiel Northern Scribe for Alouann

2nd Windspiel Northern Sharona

3rd Estet Classic Kalends

4th Windspiel Northern Stroler to Gemsbok


SpOD/B (8 entries, 2A)

1st Boughton Balanchine

2nd Ch Boughton Brigadier

3rd Pineron Pattyestetclassic at Hallimans

4th Romgrey Sea Horse with Ransley

5th Boughton Bold and Brave of Dawnchase


SpR/C D/B (11 entries, 2A)

1st Jiggery Pokery

2nd Inismor Impact

3rd Reggies Lady at Wickwar

4th Dromana Joker at Muicks

5th Sawdoctor at Wickwar


Greyhound Of The Year Competition

Best Puppy GOTY-

Windspiel Northern Sharona

Best Adult Male GOTY-

Ch Boughton Balance of Power at Azrams

Best Adult Female-

Boughton Balanchine

Best Veteran GOTY -

Ch Azzrams Secret Mission

Best Racing/Coursing GOTY

Jiggery Pokery

Overall Best GOTY -

Ch Boughton Balance of Power at Azrams

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