The Greyhound Club

        2019 Championship Show

Tomlinsons Kennels, Upper Grange Farm

Ratby Lane, Leicestershire.LE67 9RJ


Sunday 16th June 2019


   Judge:  Miss E J Wilkinson

I felt honoured to be invited to judge this show and thank the Club for asking me and the exhibitors for the sporting way they greeted my placings. Big thanks too to my able steward Helga who kept things flowing smoothly and pleasantly.

PUPPY D (1)1) Brookes ESTET CLASSIC OLIGARCH AT GREENWOOD. A lively 7 month old clearly enjoying his day out. Stylish and curvy. Well proportioned head and strong legs and feet. Moved with verve. Obviously needs time.

NOVICE D (2). 1) Sawyers JAXX TELLER. A blue/br built on racing lines. Elegant and shapely and stood over a lot of ground. Moved as he looked he would and in hard condition.

2) Bakewell’s AFFLECK BARNEY BESTEST BUD. Another one with a racing heritage, with a good curvy shape, good muscling and pleasant head and expression. Not quite the reach of stride of 1.

POST GRADUATE D (1) 1) Blockley- Spurr’s GRANDCRU PIERRO FOR SUTTONELMS. Handsome dark brindle. Upstanding and strong build with excellent bone and feet who stood over a lot of ground. Elegant through the head and expression. Reached out well on the move. He still needs to spring.

LIMIT D (6. 1abs). This was a challenging class to judge as there were several different types.1) Howlett, Boggia & Kourmelou’s INA’S FASHION DEDICATED TO BOUGHTON. A stylish brindle. He looked as though he could do what the standard calls for; speed, agility and suppleness, and such a distinctive greyhound type. Lovely balanced shoulders and rear constructions, well muscled and moved with drive and reach. DOG CC and BIS.

2) Spacey’s INCHYDONEY MEMORIES NORTH STAR AT HALLIMAN’S. Red, br/white parti. Lovely balanced construction and type, upstanding and generous proportions, good bone and feet. He moved with reach and drive.


OPEN D (4) 1) Newsham’s CH WINDSPIEL NORTHERN SHERPA. Upstanding white of lovely type and style. Strongly built and generously proportioned, great depth of rib and spring, with slight arch over the loin, and beautiful head chiselling. He moved with reach and drive and looked as though he had great stamina. In hard muscled condition. RDCC.

2) Millward and Race’s MULT CH WINDSPIEL NORTHERN SCRIBE FOR ALOUANN. Brother to 1 and built on identical lines, apart from being a red parti. Beautiful type and make up and head properties. Great build and curves and power, strong bone and feet. On the final move round, Sherpa went with a shade more verve and so got the nod.



SP RACING/LURE COURSING (9, 1 abs). These classes are very well supported and I was struck by the lovely hard condition of the exhibits, and also of how well the winners stood in the final line up, not looking at all out of place with their exhibition bred peers. 1) Thompson’s PUPPY EYES AT MUICKS. A parti with stylish curves and evidence of power and symmetry. Front and rear angulations correct and in balance, and he stood over a lot of ground. Great head and expression and a dark eye. He moved with reach and drive.

2) Ball’s AGHADOWN CAIN. A beautiful black. Long and curvy with great muscling, looks supple and powerful and fit for purpose. Moved with reach and drive. Lovely long head and correct expression and dark eye.

3) Sawyer’s J TELLER.

VETERAN D (5) 1) Battley & Barber’s ESTET CLASSIC BROADWAY. A red of commanding style and appearance, upstanding and powerful with lovely symmetry. Great head and skull setting off his graceful elegance. Still great muscle tone and showed how well a greyhound can last in the show ring. Moved beautifully, with drive and reach.

2) Thompson’s DROMANA JOKER AT MUICKS. Blue.parti, not as upstanding as 1 but much to like about him, good curves and muscling, giving an impression of power and running and turning ability. Excellent head and expression. Moved with reach.

3) Pinder & Clark’s SAVANNA BARRY.


2) Fitzgerald’s CH BOUGHTON BOLD AND BRAVE OF DAWNCHASE. A very stylish and upstanding r/brindle, with lovely curvy underline and rise over the loin. Powerful and well muscled he stood over a great deal of ground. Moved with speed and accuracy.

PUPPY B (1) 1) Rishworth’s OUT OF THE BLUE AD HONORES. Elegant and stylish already showing lovely curves, both through the neck, the underline and topline. Good bone and refined long head with good chiselling and expression. Excellent feet. Moved very well. BPIS.

JUNIOR B (2) 1) Garratt & Oakey’s INCHYDONEY MEMORIES OH MY GOD WITH CARNYA. Lovely quality r/w parti, with length and shape. Great neck lets into correct shoulders and the rest of her flows from there. Moved with great drive and good reach.

2) Clarke’s BIG FIGHTER BELOW HILL. A beautiful black, elegant, shapely and exuded quality. Good bone and feet, great head and expression. Moved with accuracy.  I discovered her amazing story after the show, and would encourage her handler to practice a little ringcraft in moving and stacking, and then they will be a force to be reckoned with.




3) Sawyer’s YOU LITTLE UNA.

PGB (3) 1) Newsham’s WINDSPIEL NORTHERN STILO. Upstanding white, built on powerful lines with distinctive greyhound suppleness. She stood over much ground, and flowed from nose to tail. Moving absolutely true and with reach and drive. Beautiful head and expression.

2) Hill’s ZORADEN YOUR PRECIUOS LOVE AT SHIMME REE. Curvaceous and elegant blue/br. Super depth of brisket and rib spring. Well muscled and fine coated and good in the couplings. Looks like she could run and twist and turn. Long skull with good chiselling.


LIMIT B (4).Another class of high quality bitches of differing types. 1)  Koulermou’s INA’S FASHION DESIRABLE. Strikingly elegant dark/br. Great sweeping curves in both top and underlines. Good bone and excellent feet, well let down into the hock and she moved as she looked, with propulsion and reach. Her elegance came through her head as well, being long skulled with a lovely dark eye.

2) Howlett’s SKYSWIFT MOONLIGHT SERENADE.  Built on different lines to 1, and also elegant and upstanding and powerful. Correct shoulder angulation and rear balance and muscular condition. Lovely head and expression.

3) Cutter and Lubin’s ZORADEN MY GIRL AT CHOSOVI.

OPEN B (6, 1) A class full of lovely bitches. 1) Isaac’s CH JET’S MIDNIGHT SONATA FOR BLAKESKERRA. Generously built b/w parti, with power and symmetry. Curves and sweeps in all the right places. Fine coat and in hard condition. Excellent head and expression. She moved with lightness, reach and speed which gave her Bitch CC & RBIS.

2) Newsham’s EUROPA DECUMA VIA WINDSPIEL. A classy solid red of high quality and lovely breed type. Good depth of chest and tuck up into the loin. Lovely breadth of hindquarters showing power, matched her correct front angulation so she stood over a lot of ground, therefore giving the impression that she could gallop and turn. RBCC.


SP RACING/LURE COURSING B (10). Wow what a well filled class, and what superb hard condition they were in.

  1. Thompson’s OOAAR NICOLAR AT MUICKS. A curvy and stylish black. Excellent bone and feet. Elegant through the head with a lovely dark eye and expression. Moved with accuracy and reach and drive. BRACING/COURSING IS.
  2. Skinner’s MISS LONGRANGE SNOW. B/W parti elegant and curvy, well let down in the hocks, and excellent bone with reasonable feet. Lovely length of skull and typical expression. She strode out well in the front and with good rear drive.



Veteran B (2). 1) Boggia’s CH BOUGHTON BELLINA. A beautiful quality lady now 91/2 years strong, showing how well the greyhound endures. Great elegance and curvaceous shapes in both under and top lines, and retains good muscle tone. Moved freely and soundly. BVIS



Champion B (1,1)




BIS Ina's Fashion Dedicated to Boughton

RBIS Ch Jet's Midnight Sonata For Blakeskerra

DCC Ina's Fashion Dedicated to Boughton

RDCC Ch Windspiel Northern Sherpa

BCC Ch Jet's Midnight Sonata For Blakeskerra

RBCC Europa Decuma Via Windspiel

BPIS Out of the Blue Ad Honores

RBPIS Estet Classic Oligarch at Grenowood

BVIS Ch Boughton Bellina

RBVIS Estet Classic Broadway

BR/CIS Ooaar Nicolar at Muicks

RBR/CIS Puppy Eyes at Muicks

Class 1 Puppy Dog (1 entry)

1st Estet Classic Oligarch at Greenwood

Class 2 Junior Dog (No entries)

Class 3 Yearling Dog (No entries)

Class 4 Novice Dog (2 entries)

1st Jaxx Teller

Class 5 Post Graduate Dog (1 entry)

1st Grandcru Pierro for Suttonelms

Class 6 Limit Dog (6 entries, 1A)

1st Ina's Fashion Dedicated to Boughton

2nd Inchydoney Memories North Star at Halliman's

3rd Jet's Intermezzo by Night with Ransley

4th Skyswift New Moon

5th Skyswift Moonlite Tango

Class 7 Open Dog (4 entries)

1st Ch Windspiel Northern Sherpa

2nd Multi Ch Windspiel Northern Scribe for Alouann

3rd Zoraden Love Man JW

4th Windspiel Northern Stroler to Gemsbok

Class 8 Special Racing/Coursing Dog (9 entries, 2A)

1st Puppy Eyes at Muicks

2nd Aghadown Cain

3rd Jaxx Teller

4th Bernies Bolt at Romaclove

5th Sawdoctor at Wickwar

Class 9 Veteran Dog (5 entries, 1A)

1st Estet Classic Broadway

2nd Dromana Joker at Muicks

3rd Savana Barry

4th Galtymoore Fran

Class 10 Champion Dog (2 entries)

1st Ch Northern Sherpa

2nd Ch Boughton Bold And Brave of Dawnchase Sh.CM


Class 11 Puppy Bitch (1 entry)

1st Out of the Blue Ad Honores

Class 12 Junior bitch (2 entries)

1st Inchydoney Memories Oh My God with Caryna

2nd Big Fighter Below Hill

Class 13 Yearling Bitch (2 entries, 1A)

1st Big Fighter Below Hill

Class 14 Novice Bitch (3 entries)

1st Inchydoney Memories Oh My God with Caryna

2nd Big Fighter Below Hill

3rd You Little Una

Class 15 Post Graduate Bitch (3 entries)

1st Windspiel Northern Stilo

2nd Zoraden Your Precious Love at Shimmeree

3rd Windgold Rapide Mascotts

Class 16 Limit Bitch (4 entries)

1st Ina's Fashion Desirable

2nd Skyswift Moonlite Serenade

3rd Zoraden My Girl at Chosovi

4th Estet Classic Kalends

Class 17 Open Bitch (6 entries, 2A)

1st Ch Jet's Midnight Sonata for Blakeskerra

2nd Europa Decuma via Windspiel

3rd Ina's Fashion Deluxe

4th Estet Classic Romance

Class 18 Special Racing/Coursing Bitch (10 entries)

1st Ooaar Nicolar at Muicks

2nd Miss Longrange Snow

3rd Cheerful Pam at Wickwar

4th Gulleen Sue TAF

5th Sneezys Autumn

Class 19 Veteran Bitch (2 entries)

1st Ch Boughton Bellina

2nd Miss Longrange Snow

Class 20 Champion Bitch (1 entry, 1A)

Class 21 Stud Dog (No entries)

Class 22 Brood bitch (No entries)

Special Award Classes judged by Miss S Pinkerton

Class 23 Special Award Yearling D/B (3 entries, 1A)

1st Inchydoney Memories Oh My God with Caryna

2nd Out Of The Blue Ad Honores

Class 24 Special Award Open D/B (9entries, 5A)

1st Zoraden My Girl at Chosovi

2nd Inchydoney Memories North Star at Halliman's

3rd Skyswift Moonlite Serenade

4th Skyswift New Moon

Class 25 Special Award Racing/Coursing D/B (13 entries, 5A)

1st  Ooaar Nicolar at Muicks

2nd Moors Miranda

3rd Puppy Eyes at Muicks

4th Slippery Louise of Adachi

5th Jaxx Teller

Class 26 Special Award Champion D/B (3 entries, 2A)

1st Ch Boughton Bold And Brave of Dawnchase Sh.CM


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