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Club Shows


Spring Open Show 16/3/19 Mr C Shields

Championship Show 16/6/19 Miss E Wilkinson

Autumn Open Show 19/10/19 Miss S Samson


Spring Open Show

Spring Open Show 15.3.20 TBC

Championship Show 20.6.20 Mrs E McKnight

Autumn Open Show 18.10/20 TBC



General Championship Shows



LKA 16/12/18: Miss S Clark



Manchester 17/1/19: 

Crufts 9/3/19: Mrs M Holder

WELKS 28/4/19: 

Birmingham National 11/5/19: Mr G Robertson

SKC 17/5/19: Mrs J Peak

Bath 26/5/19: 

Windsor 30/6/19: 

Hound Association 13/7/19: Mrs E A Macdonald

Leeds 28/7/19: Ms J Startup

WKC 16/8/19: 

City of Birmingham 30/8/19: Mr I Bond

Richmond 6/9/19: 

Darlington 13/9/2019: Mr A Gjetnes

Driffield 21/9/19: Mr R A W Searle

SWKA 13/10/19: 

Midland Counties 26/10/19:

LKA 14/12/2019: Miss H Rishworth



Crufts 5/32020: Mrs C Molinari

Birmingham National 7/5/20: Mr M Sanders

SKC 15/5/2020: Dr R W James



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