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Lynda Race:~

We have recently in accordance with Kennel Club guidelines set up a sub committee to help Lynda Race monitor and aid in any issues involving the health and well being of our wonderful breed.

The health sub committee is Dagmar Kenis-Pordham, Clare Boggia, Andrew Mackenzie and Julie Mackenzie.


The Greyhound Club, together with Nottingham University would like your help with important research into bloat (GD/GDV).

It is well accepted that Greyhounds can suffer episodes of bloating, but currently unknown which factors significantly influence its onset.

We will shortly be conducting a survey, which we intend to launch at the Club championship show in July. This will be asking about the general health of your dogs, feeding practices and details about any episodes of bloating that you have experienced.

The questionnaire will be linked to the Health Section of the GC website ( and can either be completed on line, or by paper survey for those who don't have internet access.

All information is provided anonymously. Completed forms will be returned directly to Dr Mark Dunning, School of Veterinary Medicine and Science, University of Nottingham, Sutton Bonington, Leicestershire.

Please give a few minutes of your time to complete the survey - this is extremely important research that can surely benefit our breed in the future.

For further enquiries or to request a paper questionnaire please contact :-

Lynda Race
KC Breed Health Coordinator


                       Ongoing Health Projects.


Our Osteosarcoma research project with Nottingham University remains ongoing and we would encourage all of you who haven’t yet done so, to please help by completing the surveys.

We have recently added three other aspects in association with this where your input will be greatly appreciated.  These are:-


1.    Understanding owner’s opinions of Greyhounds that HAVE BEEN TREATED for Osteosarcoma.


2.    Gathering opinions of Greyhound owners whose dogs have had a limb amputated for reasons UNRELATED to Osteosarcoma.


3.    Gathering opinions of owners whose dogs have NOT had Osteosarcoma or an amputation.


They only take a few minutes to complete and the information you give will be invaluable to this vital research.  All information provided is anonymous.

Lynda Race

Health Co-ordinator



We aim to carry out our Health Survey every 5 years as part of the ongoing strategy to monitor and maintain a healthy breed. Below are the results of the 2013 Health Survey.

Click on images for relevant topics

2013 Health Survey Results  Whelping Chart
Advice about Bloat
Annual Breed Average (COI)
DNA Testing for Neuropathy
Greyhound Anatomy
Worms ticks and fleas


We would like to thank Katie and Nicole from The University of Bristol for attending our October Open Show. They are doing research for a Greyhound Dental Project. They took swabs from the mouths of volunteer Greyhounds to check for dental disease.
If you have any health concerns that you would like The Greyhound Club to look into please contact The Health Coordinator. Mrs Lynda Race e-mail : or alternatively The Greyhound Club has a facebook page and can be contacted on :

There are some interesting articles on health issues in the new Greyhound Club Handbook, if you are interested in receiving a copy please contact for more information.

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