Here are some of the judges critiques from General Championship Shows and Greyhound Club Shows 2018.



6th May 2018

OPEN SHOW (MORNING) (show postponed from 18th March due to adverse weather conditions)

 My thanks to the committee for their kind invitation.  To judge a  club show is always an especial honour.  Thank you to all for my super entry.  It was a very hot day and difficult for some exhibitors and their hounds.

 PUPPY  DOG (2, 1 abs)

1 - Howlett, Boggia & Kiulermou’s Ina’s Fashion Dedicated to Boughton - Promising 8mo dark brindle dog. Good proportions.  Long neck, well set on.  Good lay of shoulder and length and return of arm. Deep ribbing with good spring, well carried back. Adequate forechest.  Well arched topline. Well developed first and second thigh.  Very positive front movement but still a little loose in front. 

 YEARLING DOG  DOG (3, 2 abs)

1 - Harris’ Skyswift Moonbeam - 10mo.  Good underjaw, well arched neck, well set on.  Needs to drop a little in chest and fill in. Broad, deep muscled loin, well developed first and second thigh.  Good bone, short pasterns and tidy feet.  Tail well carried with typical profile movement.  Good moving from behind but needs to tighten in front.


1 - Holder’s Boughton Balmain - masculine dog with plenty of bone and substance.  Masculine head, flat skull.  Long well muscled neck, set well into good shoulder.  Elbows well set under.  Deep ribbing, musclular back and loin.  Good width to hindquarters with well developed first and a second thigh.  Broad hock.  Can tend to stand a little sloped in topline.  Good front movement.  Not quite so positive behind.  Strode out well in profile.

2 - Howlett’s & Howden’s Skyswift New Moon.  Lighter built dog who can stand with a pleasing outline but can tend to over arch his topline.  Very unsettled in profile movement.  Well set neck, Shapley ribbing.  Good leg length and tidy feet.  Stood to his best once placings had been made.

 LIMIT DOG (1, 1 abs)

1 - Allen’s Zoraden Love Man JW - Quality mature dog of 20 months.  I liked his outline and proportions.  Enough length without exaggeration.  Masculine head of good type, flat skull, clean well muscled arched neck set on very well.  Good ribbing very well carried back.  Arched, well muscled loin.  Well developed hindquarters with good first and second thigh. Short pasterns, tidy feet.  Lovely, typical profile movement combining lightness and length of stride with a low action.  Positive coming towards and straight going away.  Best Dog.

 OPEN DOG (5, 2 abs)

1 - Newsham’s Windspiel Northern Stripe - A dog that pleases more free standing than stacked.  Has a tendency to drop behind but presents a better outline moving.  Good male head, flat skull and long neck with muscling and arch, well set into good shoulder with correct forechest and plenty of infill. Good flat bone.  Well developed first and second thigh.  Broad hock, tidy feet.  Would prefer slightly less hind angulation. - Reserve Best Dog.

2 - Millward’s Ch Windspiel Northern Scribe for Alouann - Quality hound but not moving as well in profile or as positive coming and going today.  Pleasing outline and proportions, nice type, excellent depth and spring of ribbing which is well carried back.

3 - Howlett’s Boughton Blenheim ShCM


1 - Scoles’ Jiggery Pokery - Shapley dog with well set neck, excellent ribbing and well muscled back. Balanced in angulation.  Short pasterns.  Moved very well in profile and coming and going.

2 - Reynolds’ Sawdoctor at Wickwar -  Slightly lighter built dog with the finest highest set ears and a keen expression.  Nice proportions, Good spring of rib and well ribbed back. Well made hind quarters.  Not quite the positive movement of 1.

3 - PINDER & Clarke’s Savana Barry 

 VETERAN DOG (2, 0 abs)

1 - Boggia’s Boughton Baggio - Good sized 7yo male with plenty of substance and bone.  Shapley ribbing with good forechest, long neck and straight, flat bone.  Very well muscled in hindquaters with well made first and second thighs and hocks.  Starting to drop a little in hindquarters but moved out very well. - Best Veteran.

2 - PINDER & Clarke’s Savana Barry - A 9yo male with pleasing outline.  Flat skull, fine ears, Shapley neck.  Good length of leg with bladed bone. Now showing his age in stiff movement.  Stll well muscled.

 PUPPY BITCH (1, 0 abs)

1 - Newsham’s Europa Decuma via Windspiel (imp) - I immediately loved the outline, balance and sound construction of this 12 mo bitch and was pleased to see this quality used to good effect with straight, true movement in front and behind and supe typical profile movement.  Feminine head with flat skull and long neck very well set into super forequarters. Excellent ribbing with spring and depth.  Correct forechest and infill.  Good leg length.  Well muscled hind quarters with well developed first and second thigh.  Tidy feet.  Owner declined offer to purchase.  Reserve Best Bitch.  Best Puppy in Show

 YEARLING BITCH (4, 1 abs)

 A good class of three nice young bitches

1 - Boggia’s Boughton Balenchiaga - Well grown 21mo bitch.  Balanced, good size and substance with pleasing outline, super underline.  Clean head, flat skull, good underjaw.  Well set neck.  Good ribbing.  Well made hindquarters.  Tidy feet.  Stood out for her positive, typical breed movement. 

2 - Isaac’s Jet’s Moonlight Sonata for Blakeskerra (imp Norway) - A slightly lighter built 22mo bitch.  Pleasing proportions, good outline.  Long head and neck.  Not quite the ribbing of 1. but elbows well set under.

True coming and going and stepped out well in profile.

3 - Cutter & Lubin’s Zoraden My Girl at Chosovl


Two bitches both quite anxious in the ring today

 1 - Boggia & Hargreaves’ Ina’s Fashion Coquette - Shapley brindle 3 yo bitch with pleasing outline.  Feminine head with soft expression.  Good length of neck, well made forequarters.  Well ribbed back with well arched loin.  excellent muscling in hindquarters.  Super first and second thigh with well turned stifle.  Good leg length, flat bone and very short pasterns. When setteled, can move out very well in profile.  remained unsettled coming and going

2 - Howlett’s Skyswift Moonlite Serenade - Another shapely bitch, not having a good day. Good length, balanced in angulation. Lovely neck set, topline and well muscled loin.  Well set tail, tidy feet.

 OPEN BITCH (4, 0 abs)

1 - Boggia’s Whirlaway Boughton Big Bang ShCM - 4 yo bitch, very unexaggerated, with pleasing outline, super neck set, shapley ribbing with just the right spring, depth and length.  Nice topline, sweeping broad, muscular hindquarters with good set and length to croup. well developed first and second thighs.  Good broad hock.  Nicely bladed bone. Good feet.  Move well coming and going and very easliy in profile.  Best Bitch & BIS

2 - Samson’s Ester Classic Romance (Imp) - Shapley bitch with lovely balance.  Excellent in ribbing, bone, pasterns, feet and especially the quality of her movement in profile. Could have just a little more in length and can set herself falling away behind.  Free stands well.

3 - Howlett’s Ch Boughton Balanchine


1 - Scoles’ Best Star (NAF, TAF) - 3yo bitch with good proportions, balanced moderate angulation and good leg length.  Very strong, well set neck, gently arched topline, broad powerful hindquarters.  Good length of loin and well. developed first and second thigh.

2 - PINDER & Clarke’s Moors Miranda - Balanced 5yo bitch, soundly constructed with good length.  Strong neck tapering well into well made, moderately angulation forehand.  Well sprung ribbing, well carried back.  Moved out the best in profile.

3 - Barber’s Barley Domino

 VETERAN BITCH (3, 0 abs)

1 - Ayling’s Telltales Celia (imp) - Quality 9yo bitch with pleasing feminine head with flat skull.   Long neck and well developed forehand.  Deep well sprung ribbing.  Well muscled broad loin.. Correct topline.  Moved out well.

2 - Reynold’s Reggies Lady at Wickwar - Balanced 8yo bitch of good proportions. Nice neck set, loin and topline.  Moving soundly. 

3 - Clarke’s Fifa Jo

 BRACE (3, 2 abs)

1 - MR PINDER & MRS CLARKE’S BRACE - A well matched brace in colour, balance and outline.  Both in super condition.  Well presented.


Hector Heathcote



6th May 2018

I would like to thank the officers and committee for the invitation to judge at their afternoon show.  This was a rearranged date with  the original show having to be postponed due to bad weather, today someone was certainly looking down on us as we had glorious sunshine which helped to create a fabulous atmosphere.  I would also like to thank the exhibitors who supported me and greeted my decisions with applause.

Puppy Dog (2:1)

Howlett, Boggia and Koulermou’s Ina’s Fashion Dedicated to Boughton

This young chap certainly started the afternoon off well.  Very smart and stylish dark brindle.  Full of quality, with the right amount of substance and strength for his age.  Long head with good expressive eyes, strength to underjaw and correct amount of chiselling.  Muscular neck which is well set into shoulders.  Good front assembly and depth to chest, legs straight and neat feet.  Well bodied with a strong loin and correct finish to the croup.  Quarters developed and in good muscular condition.  His profile movement was effortless and covered the ground with style and power.  True out and back, just needs to tighten a little in front as one would expect at this age.  Pleased to award him Reserve Best Dog and Best Puppy Dog, RBPIS

Yearling Dog (3:2)

1st Harris’ Skyswift Moonbeam

White and fawn dog of good size.  Head long but had rather pronounced stop and would prefer his eyes a little darker.  Lovely reach of neck, which was muscular.  Good depth of chest, forearm a shade short and upright.  Ribs well back and firm through the loin, rear angulation balanced well with his front assembly.  On the move he a good front action and covered the ground.  Topline flattened a little on the move.

Post Graduate (3)

1st Skinners Skyswift Moonlight Tango

Brindle dog of good balance.  Good length of head and breadth to skull, dark eye and alert expression.  Good reach of neck which fitted neatly into his topline.  Shoulders a shade forward, good return of forearm and straight legs.  Forechest still needs to develop a little, ribs well back and firming up nicely.  Well bent stifles and good muscular development.  On the move he was held back a little which spoilt his outline, one the final run he was allowed to open up and his side gait and true action won him the class.

2nd Holder’s Boughton Balmain

Very impressive youngster who would not play ball today and was determined to give his handler a tough time.  White and brindle and all male throughout without being overdone.  Typical head of good proportions, would prefer a shade darker eye.  Strong neck fitting neatly into shoulders, which were well places and a good length of forearm, I would  just like a little more angulation.   Good through rib, loin and topline.  Quarters developing but tended to straighten himself on the stack.  Still young and needs to strengthen both ends on the move.  In profile he is effortless and full of sprit.

3rd Howlett’s Skyswift New Moon

Limit Dog (2:1)

Allen’s Zoraden Love Man JW

White and brindle boy, slightly smaller in stature but still masculine.  Pleasing head and eye with an alert expression, neat ears and strength to underjaw.  Strong neck and well placed shoulders, good return and depth to forechest, ribs well sprung and strength to the loin, topline a shade flat.  Quarters developed with good muscle definition.  Neat feet and good bone.  Positive on the move and covered the ground with an open side gait.

Open Dog (6:4)

1st Newsham’s Windspiel Northern Sherpa

Very stylish and eye catching white dog, typical in outline and has the correct amount of substance and strength throughout.  Well proportioned head of good length, expression, chiselling and topped with neat ears.  Very muscular and powerful neck fitting neatly into his shoulders, which were well placed.  Correct return of forearm and straight front.  Deep chested and ribs had enough spring to allow elbows freedom on the move.  Strong loin, good finish to the croup and correct in topline.  His quarters were well developed and this first and second thighs were solid to the touch.  Accurate footfall on the move, true on the out and back and his open side gait was a joy to watch.  My pleasure to award him Best Dog and later Best in Show.

2nd Howlett’s Boughton Blenheim Sh CM

Blue brindle presenting a clean outline.  Pleasing head of good proportions and expression. Muscular neck of good length, a little straighter in front assembly than 1.  Good depth to the chest and correct underline with desired tuck up. Quarters well developed with well bend stifles and super muscular development.  A little flat in topline on the stack but had a good shape on the move.  Would prefer tighter feet.  True on the out and back but not quite the fluidity of 1 in profile.

Special Racing / Lure Coursing Dog

1st Thompson’s Puppy Eyes at Muicks

White and brindle presenting a balanced picture.  Masculine head and expression, good length and flat skull, topped with super ears.  Strong neck of good length and well placed shoulders, however a little loaded in muscular development.  Angulation fore and aft complemented each other although a shade straight.  Good underline and body proportions were correct.  Very sound in action and won the class on the move.  Best Racer in Show

2nd Scoles’ Jiggery Pokery

Black dog who had the most appealing expression, head of good length with a slight stop, would like a little more strength to underjaw.  Good length of neck, front assembly a little straight.  Good depth to forechest and well ribbed back.  Rear angulation in balance with his front.  Moved ok covering the ground.

3rd Reynolds’ Sawdoctor at Wickwar

Veteran Dog (2)

1st Boggia’s Boughton Baggio

Impressive and clean in outline, this dark brindle boy had a super head and expression, good chiselling and neat ears.  Clean and strong in neck which led into well placed shoulders and good return of forearm.  He tended to crouch into hid quarters on the stack which made him appear a little overdone behind and dipping in topline.  However on the move you could see his shape and style.  Skeletally put together very well and this was shown in his movement.  He did enough in the class and dog challenge, when it came to the veteran challenge he was like a different dog, super profile with an effortless gait.  Pleased to award him BVIS

2nd Pinder’s Savanna Barry

White and brindle who was in the racing class.  Lovely expression and very neat ears.  Good neck and correct lay of shoulders, shade flat backed and a little tubular in body.  Balanced angles both ends and in good condition.  True out and back but not as fluid in rear action when viewed in profile.

Puppy Bitch

1st Newshams Europa Decuma Via Windspiel (Imp)

I could have taken this cheeky red bitch home, she really was doing her best to get the better of her handler, but I loved her character.  I thought her head and expression were divine with super ears.  Her long and muscular neck flows into her shoulders which are well placed and led to a good return of forearm.  Depth to the chest and ribs well back to a firm and well proportioned loin.  Correct topline and underline, she is graceful curves and elegance yet maintaining the right level of substance.  Quarters developing well and with correct muscular development.  On the move , once she got going she was a joy to watch, effortless daisy cutting action with power and elegance.  One I will watch with interest.  Pushed hard in the bitch challenge but threw the towel in.  My pleasure to award her Best Puppy in Show.

Junior Bitch (0)

Yearling Bitch (4:1)

1st Boggia’s Boughton Balenchiaga

Blue brindle bitch who presents a clean and balanced outline, elegance with the right amount of substance.  Feminine head, long and the correct amount of chiselling, well placed ears and alert expression.  Clean strong neck with lovely crest leading to well placed shoulders and a good return of forearm.  Straight front, good legs and feet.  Depth to forechest and ribs well back with a strong loin and desired tuck up.  Topline a little flat on the stack if being critical but you could see her lovely shape come to form when she moved.  Quarters well developed with a good bend to her stifle and muscular condition.  Very accurate footfall on the move, straight out and back and cracking side gait, effortless and open, covering the ground with ease and style.  My pleasure to award her Best Bitch and Res BIS.

2nd Isacc’s Jet’s Midnigh Sonata For Blakeskerra (Imp Nor)

Another bitch who impressed me a great deal.  Striking black and white who presents a clean and elegant outline.  Feminine and well proportioned head, just lacking a little in work compared to Balenchiaga.  Clean through her well muscled and arched neck, which led neatly into her shoulders.  Good return of forearm and straight front.  Good depth to her chest, well ribbed back and desired tuck up, slightly longer cast than 1.  Good quarters and you could see her muscular development with ease.  Very sound and effortless on the move, true on the out and back and covered the ground with a driving and free action. 

3rd Cutters Zoraden My Girl at Chosovi

Post Graduate Bitch (3:1)

1st Boggia & Hargreaves’ Ina’s Fashion Coquette

Brindle with feminine head, good work, alert expression and neat ears.  Super reach of neck, which was well muscled, shoulders ok and enough return of forearm.  Depth to the forechest, ribs well back and strong through the loin, giving the desired topline.  Enough bend of stifle and well muscled.  She moved ok but was not co-operating with her handler, who was doing her best to get her going.

2nd Howlett’s Skyswift Moonlite Serenade

Very nice red and white bitch who presented an elegant and clean outline.  Lovely head and eye with the right amount of work.  I could see that she was well put together and this was proven on the move, true out and back and with a free and open side gait.  Unfortunately she had been frightened at a previous show, I understand, which meant she was very wary as I tried to go over her and I didn’t want to push her.

Limit Bitch (0)

Open Bitch (4)

1st Howlett’s Ch Boughton Balanchine

Dark brindle bitch who was gleaming in the sunlight today.  Very elegant and feminine in outline and appearance, yet having enough substance and bone.  She looks straight through you as you approach, well proportioned head with correct length and amount of work.  Flying her ears a little today.  Good reach of neck which was well arched and muscled.  Fine though the shoulders and with a good return of forearm.  Depth to her forechest and ribs well back to a powerful and correctly proportioned loin. Both her topline and underline were correct.  Good through the quarters and had correct muscular development.  In good condition and presented in top  form.  Covered the ground with ease and style, true coming towards but in the challenge she was a little closer behind that the Yearling winner and therefore had to settle for RBB today. 

2nd Newshamans Windspiel Northern Sharona

White bitch who is slightly stronger built throughout than Balanchine, yet maintaining her femininity.  Well proportioned head and correct shape to the skull, good ears and a keen and alert expression.  Lovely crest to her well muscled neck.  Good shoulder placement and with a well made front assembly.  Ribs deep and leading back to a firm loin.  Correct in topline and the required tuck up in underline.  Powerful well made quarters with a good bend to the stifle.  Stands on good legs and feet.  True on the out and back but not quote as fluid as 1 in rear action when viewed in profile today.

3rd Boggia’s Whirlaway Boughton Big Bang Sh CM

Special Racing/Lure Coursing Bitch

1st Thompsons Ooaar Nicolar at Muicks

Black bitch in super condition.  Feminine head and expression with lovely neat ears.  Good reach of neck, pleasing in outline and balanced angles both ends.  Good tuck up and firm through the loin.  Moved very well being true on the out and back and using her powerful quarters to drive around the ring.

2nd Pinder & Clarkes Moors Miranda

Balanced in outline and combining strength with femininity.  Well proportioned head and alert expression.  Clean through the neck and shoulders.  A shade straighter in angulation both ends however this was balanced.  Good legs and feet.  In super condition and moved well, covering the ground in an economical manner.

3rd Scoles Best Star NAF TAF

Veteran Bitch (3)

1st Ayling’s Telltales Celia (Imp)

Blue brindle with a long and feminine head, eyes a shade round, neat ears and good crest to her neck.  Shoulders well placed, would like a little more length to her forearm.  Very deep through the chest and ribs well back to the loin giving the desired tuck up.  Correct in outline and topline.  Quarters developed and used to advantage on the move.  Good in profile action, covering the ground with an open side gait.

2nd Clarkes Fifi Jo

I must admit to having a soft spot for this young lady at 13yrs and 8mths she absolutely showed her socks off, but all on her own terms.  Beautiful expression enhanced her feminine head shape.  Clean in outline and balanced throughout.  Skeletally put together very well and this showed as she moved around the ring.  Thank you for bringing her she really enjoyed herself and it was my pleasure to meet her.

3rd Reynolds Reggies Lady at Wickwar


Pinder & Clarkes Brace

A pair of blue brindle and white coming from the dog and bitch racing/lure coursing classes respectively.  Very well schooled and moved in unison with each other.  Similar in make and shape, showing good type.


Richard Bott








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