Here are some of the judges critiques from General Championship Shows and Greyhound Club open shows 2016 and 2017.





PD (3,1a) 1 Bartlett’s Jet’s Intermezzo By Night with Ransley, lovely black puppy of super type. Long head, long neck, good lay of shoulder, good return of upper arm, excellent ribbing. Well angulated rear. Only 6 months but I thought he was gorgeous. BP; 2 Skinner’s Skyswift Moonlite Tango, another promising puppy. Good head, neck & shoulder, deep ribbing, balanced rear. Less settled on the move today. JD (0). PGD (3,1) 1 Barlett’s Romgrey Sea Horse with Ransley, good head & eye, would have liked a better lay of shoulder, deep ribbing, well angulated quarters; 2 West’s Windspiel Northern Stroler to Gemsbok, I liked this boy’s overall construction but he was very light in condition today. OD (3,1) 1 Spurr’s Ch Boughton Brigadier, good length of head, good eye, long neck, well constructed shoulder, good bone & ribbing, well angulated quarters. Moved soundly. BD & BOB; 2 Rogers & Rogers’ Horus des Dames du Lac avec Eldesi, black dog. Not quite as relaxed as the winner. Good head & neck, well angulated front & rear. Sound on the move. RBD.

PB & JB (0). PGB (4,2) 1 Vernon’s Artefakt Gala, lovely head & eye, long neck, good shoulder placement, would prefer a little more return of upper arm, excellent deep ribbing, well angulated quarters. Moved well keeping a good outline; 2 Carmichael’s Ballymac Evita, lighter type of bitch. Fair head & neck, balanced angulation front & rear. Could do with a little more length. Moved soundly. OB (3,1) 1 Newsham’s Windspiel Northern Sharona, beautiful long head, good eye shape. Small ears, long neck, good fill in front, good shoulder, deep ribbing, well balanced quarters, moved well with a good outline. BB; 2 Howlett’s Ch Boughton Balanchine, another well constructed bitch who pressed hard but I just preferred the winners bone on the day. Beautifully conditioned & presented. RBB.




CRUFTS, 09/03/17 - Greyhounds


  I fully enjoyed my day at Crufts judging my own first breed after forty years of my life spent with it. Quality was higher in bitches, where I had several good ones, than in dogs. I was very pleased with size, in general close to the ideal required by the Standard. VD (3) 1 McKnight & McLaughlan’s Ch Azrams Secret Mission, a great favourite of mine & my CC winner at the 2012 club show. I never saw him again afterwards; today I found that he has improved having dried up but still keeping his lovely substance & bone. Excellent head with beautiful eyes, long, strong yet elegant neck, the best of front & forechest, correctly long body with curvy lines, excellent rear, all that resulting in an easy & economic movement. CC; 2 Spacey’s Boughton Blazing Bridges over Hallimans, beautiful head & expression, front & rear well balanced, should have a stronger topline & cover more ground moving; 3 Pinder & Clarke’s Savana Barry, excellent head, eyes & expression, more elegant neck, would prefer him a bit longer in body, excellent topline, more angles in rearquarters & more ground covered moving. PD (3) 1 Bartlett’s Jet’s Intermezzo By Night with Ransley, lovely elegant yet masculine head, excellent neck, front & rear well angulated & balanced, more arch over the loin should come with age, excellent croup, moves with a lot of drive & reach, more ring training needed; 2 Howlett & Howden’s Skyswift New Moon, lovely head & neck, could have some more forechest, front & rear well balanced, excellent topline, he too needs more ring training; 3 Skinner’s Skyswift Moonlite Tango, excellent head with very nice expression, strong yet elegant neck, correct top & underline, but croup too steep, should have more drive behind. JD (1) Sekulic’s Fionn Clann Sannford, excellent head, eyes & ears, long elegant neck, excellent front & topline, beautiful underline, moving covers the ground well, more parallel behind. PGD (4) 1 Bartlett’s Romgrey Sea Horse with Ransley, excellent masculine head, strong yet elegant neck, still a bit close in elbows, lovely top & underline, excellent side movement; 2 Robertson & McLaughlan’s Jet’s Be Just & Fear Not at Azrams, white with great pigment, lovely head, elegant neck, pasterns a bit too soft, slightly toeing in, lovely top & underline, excellent side movement, more solid in front up & down; 3 West’s Windspiel Northern Stroler to Gemsbok, excellent head, more pigment around eyes, lovely long neck, medium angulated front, excellent topline but would prefer a slightly less steep croup, covers enough ground moving. LD (5) 1 Wager’s Fortheringhays Answered Prayers, not a big one, but with a nice strong bone & substance. Lovely head, eyes & expression, excellent neck, body lines & length, moves well; 2 Fitzgerald’s Boughton Bold And Brave of Dawnchase, very nice head, excellent neck & front, top & underline, moves well, but 1 covers more ground; 3 Rogers’ Horus Des Dames Du Lac avec Eldesi, like him a lot, with his lovely head, neck & front, excellent body lines & length, just would prefer more rear angles to balance the front. OD (13,3a) 1 Horakova’s Ch/Int/Nord Ch Jet’s Man In The Moon, strong masculine dog with excellent head, elegant yet muscular neck, front & rear well balanced, lovely body proportions & lines, moves well covering the ground easily; 2 Dumortier’s Graal Quest Just One More, lovely expressive head, long, strong & elegant neck, front & rear correctly angulated & balanced, excellent body proportions, powerful mover, topline flatten a little bit when moving, he can do better if more relaxed in the ring; 3 Robertson & McLaughlan’s Ch Boughton Balance Of Power at Azrams, lovely head & expression, excellent neck, a bit too wide in front, correctly angulated front & rear, nice top & underline, moves well, sometimes with a happy tail. R/c D (5) Ormond’s Farloe Bingo, lovely head, eyes & expression, excellent neck, front & rear well angulated, lovely body proportions & lines, should have more size & bone, moves well; 2 Reynolds’ Saw Doctor at Wickwar, excellent head & expression, fair neck, well angulated front, good body length, very strong & wide thig, but rear needs more angles; 3 Brown’s Sneezys Roller, lovely head, dark eyes, long muscular neck, excellent front & body, no rear angles both standing & moving. GCD (1) B Blazing Bridges over H. VB (9) Boggia’s Boughton Bellina, beautiful expressive head, long neck, very well angulated both ends, excellent body proportions & lines, really a superb mover. RCC (same award I gave her at the 2012 Club Show); 2 Newsham’s Ch/Bel Ch Windspiel Northern Stylo, excellent head & neck, front & rear well angulated & balanced, nice curvy body, moves well; 3 Toikka & Norhio-Hanski’s Int/Fin/S/Est Ch Sobers Nobilia, lovely kind of Greyhound, really nice feminine head, long elegant neck, correctly angulated in front & rear, nice lines, moves well but not like 1 & 2. PB (1) Howlett’s Skyswift Moonlite Serenade, lovely head, neck & front, nice top & underline, body could be slightly longer, medium angulated rear, moving the overall picture improves. JB (1) Wager’s Fionn Clann Sunniva, excellent head & neck, well angulated front & rear, more oval feet, nice body lines, moving front & rear not yet completely balanced. PGB (10,5) 1 Primavera & Ahrens Primavera’s Sobers Achillea Karkati, beautiful 17 months old bitch. Expressive elegant head, long clean neck, the best of fronts, lovely body lines & length, a great mover. CC & BOB; 2 Hargreaves’ Dare Alla Luce Fabulous In Grey, more compact than 1, with feminine head & lovely expression, very nice neck, correctly angulated & balanced front & rear, excellent top & underline, nice free movement; 3 Barber & Battley’s Estet Classic Kalends, excellent head & neck, front & rear well balanced & angulated, could have some more arch over the loin, moves well. LB (7,1) 1 Thompson’s Jasmine at Barnesmore des Legendes du Moyen Age, lovely important but feminine head, elegant yet muscular neck, front & rear correctly angulated & balanced, excellent body lines & length, moves well; 2 Mackenzie’s Boughton Macs Bouncing Bomb, excellent head & expression, elegant yet muscular neck, front & rear well balanced, nice top & underline, moves well; 3 Koulermou’s Ina’s Fashion Chic De, beautiful head & eyes, excellent neck & lines, medium angulated in front, where she must cover more ground moving. OB (15,4) 1 Oware’s Azravi’s Play Hide N’seek, really nice bitch, lovely head & expression, elegant neck, well balanced front & rear, excellent curvy lines, moves very well; 2 Primavera & Ahrens-Primavera’s Sobers Xtravaganza, another quality bitch with lovely head, neck & front, excellent lines & rear, the winner covers more ground moving; 3 Koulermou's Ina's Fashion Bright, a third bitch of lovely type & quality who moves very well. R/c B (10) 1 Wager’s Aust/Sui/Ger Ch Fionn Clann Katniss, lovely bitch of nice type, excellent head, neck & front, nice body lines & proportions, well angulated behind, moves well; 2 Thompson’s Galtee Bella at Muicks, very nice head with beautiful expression, long muscled neck, correct front, excellent lines, should have more angles behind, lovely wide thig, moves well; 3 Ormond’s Sneezys Autumn, feminine head, nice expression, long neck, medium angulated both ends, excellent lines, covers enough ground moving. GCB (3) 1 Clarke’s Fifi Jo, feminine, beautiful eyes, excellent neck, front & rear, moves well; 2 McFarlane’s Talissand Armouos Mystic, too thin today, but of lovely quality; 3 Sadler’s Undercover Lucy, feminine head with excellent expression, more elegant neck, low at withers when she moves.




I would like to thank the Officers and Committee for their invitation to judge the Club Open Show (morning).  I had a lovely entry of hounds and lots of very promising puppies which looks great for the future of the breed in the UK. A very spring- like day enabled the judging to take place outside. I would also like to thank my most able steward. Temperaments were all outstanding, all hounds presented in great condition, however one or two did need attention to their nails.
 Puppy 6
1st Allen’s Zoraden Love Man - white and brindle boy of  9 months, very balanced for one so young, lovely head and expression, long elegant neck into well laid shoulder, correct arch over the loin and correct tuck up. Strong second thigh. Good bone and feet, very settled straight movement, one to watch for the future I am sure. Best Puppy Dog, Reserve Best Dog in Show. 2nd Bartlett’s  Jet’s Intermezzo By Night With Ransley (Imp Nor), masculine but elegant black dog, a little long in body proportions at the moment, lovely head and expression, correct shoulder placement, and good angles front and rear,  long elegant neck, slight arch over loin. in fabulous condition and moved well when he decided to settle, another one to watch 3rd Howlett  & Howden’s Skyswift New Moon, another exciting youngster.
Junior - no entries
Yearling 1
 1st Scoles Flame Thrower, NAF TAF , brindle of 18 months, of racing type, he was a little straight in stifle which is to be expected, he has a lovely head with good dark eye. Straight mover out and back
Post Graduate 2
1st Bartlett’s Romgrey Sea Horse with Ransley (Imp Fin) 3 year old, large upstanding white and brindle dog, good in head and neck, kind eye,  lost his top line a little on the move, plenty of bone and neat feet, moved out and back straight and true and his side gait was good, would prefer a little more spring of rib. 2nd Titheradge’s Estet Classic Keepsake. What can I say, I really like this young brindle hound, full of the joys, sadly today his head was in the clouds!, he was just not going to co operate with his handler, making his movement hard to access, appearing very loose, standing however, he is correct in all departments, and has matured since last I judged him.
 Limit  1 - 1 abs
Open 3
All three in this class were lovely males and of different type,
1st  Newsham’s Windspeil Northern Script, mostly white with some red markings, 22 month old, my notes, say ‘all dog’, masculine youngster with so much time on his side, correct in head and kind eye, good lay of shoulder, good bone and nice neat feet, correct arch over the loin ( which placed him above  2 and 3). Deep in chest and a curvy hound all round, true movement and tracked up well when viewed from the side. BD and BIS 2nd Spurr’s Ch Boughton Brigadier Sh CM  white and brindle dog, again an upstanding hound, would prefer more arch over his loin, his movement was a little unsettled today - another boy with ‘spring fever’ 3rd Rishworth’s Ch Ichabod Crane Ad Honores (Imp) another worthy champion, this red dog is of a different stamp to the other two, moved out well, just a little level in topline.
Special Racing/Lure Coursing  5 - (1abs)
1st  Scoles  Jiggery Pokery black racing dog of 7 years old, looking very well, he has a reasonable underline and bend of stifle, well presented and a sound mover 2nd Skinner’s Gentleman Geneva John, red/fawn dog of  6 years, sweetest of heads and expression, in lovely condition, moved a little out at the elbow today,3rd Scoles Flame Thrower
1st Pinder & Clarke’s Savana Barry, sweetest white and blue boy of 8 years, he is in good body condition, however moving slightly uneven behind. Loving his day out.
Puppy 5 (1 abs)
Lovely pups in this class, as with the puppy dogs, I am sure they will change places so often during their show careers.
1st  Hills  Zoraden Your Precious Love At Shimmeree.  Blue brindle with white markings, such a sweet baby, so curvy in all the right places. Good feminine head and expression, correct eye colour. lovely length of neck into well laid shoulders, good bone and feet, moderate slope to pastern, underline and top line as to be expected from a pup this age, moved out so well, just had the edge over her litter sister on balance at the moment. 2nd Cutter’s Zoroden My Girl at Chosovi, litter sister to 1, rich mahogany brindle with white markings, a tad longer than 1 at present which makes her slightly unbalanced to look at when stacked. Moved out and back very well, and side gait was pleasing. It was so nice to see that the handlers of these youngsters did not try to make them stand over stretched, just let them settle into a relaxed stance 3rd Howlett’s Skyswift Moonlite Serenade 
Junior No entries
Yearling 2  - 2 abs
Post Grad 2 - 1 abs
 1st Batley & Barber’s Estet Classic Kalends (Imp )  2 year old blue bitch, kind head and correct eye colour, in superb muscular condition, good neck into well laid shoulder, nice angles and good bone. Good spring of rib and curvy underline. Correct bend in stifle, perhaps a little soft in topline, but was held well on the move RBB
Limit  2
 1st  Mackenzie’s  Boughton Macs Bouncing Bomb white with brindle . Presented in excellent condition,  this bitch is a picture standing, in profile she keeps her topline, but out and back she is rather loose in her movement. She has such a pretty feminine head and kind eye, good spring of rib and an elegant girl all round. 2nd  Mistweave Miss Giggles Toward Skyswift  5 year old fawn bitch, sweet head and expression with good pigment, I feel she could move better another day, rather loose in movement and she tends to fall away,
Open  3
 1st  Newsham’s Windspiel Northern Script  rising 2, litter mate of best dog winner. Mostly white with red markings, deep and curvaceous, good head and expression, feminine. Kind eye and enough pigment.  Lovely reach of neck into good shoulders, neat elbows, stands over a lot of ground, correct rise over the loin and nice curve to underline. Moved out so well and good in profile. Best Bitch, RBIS 2nd  Allen’s Mistweave Miss Sunshine at Zoraden rising 5 year old fawn lady, mother of the beautiful puppies here today.  She has a sweet head and expression, and nice shape, she does loose her topline a little on the move.  Placed over 3 on overall balance. 3rd  Hargreaves & Howlett’s  Am Ch Grandcru Resonance With Mistweave (Imp USA)
Special Racing/Lure Coursing 6 - 2 abs
 1st Skinner’s Miss Longrange Snow  such a sweet girl white and black and has been a favourite of mine for a while! She has a lovely head and expression and, for a racing bred bitch, she has a correct underline and arch over the loin, good mover out and back and in profile. 2nd Armstrong’s Blackrose Lexi  fawn brindle and white, very pretty girl, in such good condition sweet head and expression. Correct in most departments and such a happy lady, moved well out and back. 3rd Clarke’s Fifi Jo - deserves a mention at a fabulous 12 years old, such a sound and elegant girl - awarded a special for the oldest R/C in show
Veteran  3 - 1 abs
 1st  Ayling’s Telltales Celia (Imp)  8 year old blue in good body condition, nice curves, pleasant head and expression, correct bone, slightly stilted movement. Best Veteran.2nd Clarke’s Fifi Jo, see above, lovely elderly lady thoroughly enjoying her day out - a credit to her owner.
Brace 1 
Pinder & Clarkes  - a well matched pair of white and blue racing hounds , who performed very sweetly as a brace. 
Kathy Spacey

Birmingham National Dog Show     4th May


I  very  much enjoyed my appointment,  dry, sunny day, a bit of a breeze although this did not seem to bother any of the entry, the puppies were maybe a bit bouncier!  My Stewards were excellent. The hounds were well presented although there were a few nails that needed cutting. Certainly, the youngsters  were most pleasing, and a good sign, I hope, for the future. The one thing I did find were some rather “uneven” mouths. Something to watch for.  Overall, I was pleased with my winners and it was so nice to hear applause from the ringside spectators.

MPD-1 , Fitzgerald’s Boughton Berluti of Dawnchase, 8 months, mainly white with blue brindle ears. Very happy puppy, attractive, well put together, clean outline, showing balance assembly front and rear. Gentle rise over loins, powerful back. Moved well for a baby with reach and strength. Loved his head and soppy baby expression. Lovely temperament .Enjoying his day out!

PD-3(1), Skinner’s Skyswift Moonlite Tango, beautiful 11mo. red brindle, gorgeous outline standing and on the move. Liked  his head and bright expression. Graceful neck into well placed shoulders. Gentle rise over loin, strong h/ quarters, great long tail. A very well balanced and likable youngster, he moved with real purpose. Promising boy, will watch his progress with interest. My BP.

2- Howlett & Howden’s, Skyswift New Moon, 11mo. litter brother to above. White/fawn head markings, slightly smaller cast than 1. A nice puppy who is well constructed, and I would have expected  to move more freely. He has a nice head and kind expression, decent neck and good shoulders, topline a bit flat, correct h/quarters, hocks well let down.  Perhaps he found the wind a bit unsettling.

JD-1, Allen’s  Zoraden Love Man, 10 mo.white and brindle Another lovely baby, typical head with a soft expression, well made f/hand and h/quarters, rather soft topline.  His movement was  very much that of a youngster today, rather loose in front and “pinning in”. Time very much on his side.

PGD-3(1), 1 West’s Windspiel  Northern  Stroler  to Gemsbok, At 22 mo. this boy is coming into his own. Upstanding, shapely  white with faint red markings.  Moves very well, up & back, with long, low and easy side gait. Deep brisket, tidy f/hand and well muscled h/quarters,  strong feet  with just the right amount of flex in pastern. Nice head, still to mature but super expression and good dark eye. Delighted to award him the RDCC.

2- Titheradge’s  Estet  Classic Keepsake,  Brindle of 2 yrs., Clean head, with a keen expression, Tidy ears. Although rather different from 1st, this boy is pleasing in most aspects. Not the topline of 1, but well made front and h/quarters, deep brisket, neat tuck-up. Not quite the strength on the move although went reasonably well.

LD-2(1), Fitzgerald’s  Boughton Bold and Brave of Dawnchase ShCM, At  3yrs. this mahogany brindle is a classic picture of masculinity and elegance. Shown in gleaming, fit condition, great head, correct ears, bright eyes, smooth neck into well placed shoulders. Very good depth to brisket and a tidy cut-up.  Strong back, gentle rise over loins, powerful hindquarters, low hocks, ex. feet .  He moves as well as his construction dictates….easy, flowing and true. My pleasure to award him the DCC& BOB.

Page 2- Birmingham National     GREYHOUNDS

OD-2,  Spurr’s  Ch.Boughton Brigadier ShCM, White and brindle 3 yr. Handsome chap, with a nice outlook, clean neck,  decent f/hand , upper arm, deep bodied, strong over his back but rather flat today, broad h/quarters. Carrying a bit much “condition” today.  Side gait was long and low, bit loose coming towards me with a tendency to “pin-in”.

2- Howlett & Howlett’s   Boughton Blenheim Sh.CM, rising 5 year old blue brindle who has matured a lot since I last saw him. He really does have such a lovely head with such a gentle look about him. Well bodied, with depth but not much tuck-up. Rather straight in upper arm, but h/quarters  are strong and he moves very well around the ring.



MPB-1, Boggia’s Boughton  Balenchiaga,  8mo. little blue brindle sweetheart! Very baby puppy, enjoying her day out! She excels in  her f/hand which is well matched by her h/quarters. A well balanced youngster of balanced proportions.  Lovely head and a happy expression. As she should, for a baby she moves well if a trifle loose. A promising puppy.

PB-2(1), Cutter & Lubin’s Zoraden  My Girl at Chosovi , 9mo. brindle girl of lovely quality, super head and expression. One that is not over-done,  having a v. good forehand, upper arm, matching  her hind angulation. This balance was very obvious on the move, long easy strides. A very  correct and elegant puppy.  BPB.


PGB-3,  The bitches in this class were very varying in type.  Vernon’s Artefakt Gala,  Dark brindle bitch of nearly 2yr. Best movement in class, elegant , classic head. Well placed shoulder, upper arm, a bit flat in topline (as were all in the class), but generous h/quarters, smooth underline with good depth for her age, and proper tuck-up. Her steady , reaching movement  up & back and around the ring was very pleasing.

2- Battley&barber’s  Estet Classic Kalends (imp) Blue brindle of a different type, Strongly made and well muscled, a back like a “beam”, not often seen these days. No exaggerations to her at all, well put together with a well set on f/hand and a back end to match. Topline a bit flat. Feminine head , lovely clean neck into her shoulders. Very fit, in gleaming condition.

3-Burton & Burton’s Boughton Bombshell

LB-4,  1-Spacey’s Pineron Patty  Estet  Classic at Hallimans (imp Fin) White and brindle bitch, 3yr. Beautifully presented, v. fit , carrying just the right amount of muscle. Classic head, dark eyes, ex. pigment. Correct f/hand assembly, rise over loin, and strong h/quarters, hocks well let down, wide second thigh and a broad back-side! Deep bodied bitch,  my only criticism of her would be a rather sharp cut up to her very neat waist. An elegant and sound moving girl, pleased to award her the BCC today,

2- Wueger’s  Fortheringhay’s  Awakening Of Love, 2yr. white and red  bitch of a nice type, who really came into her own in the Challenge for the BCC. Very neatly made, attractive head and expression, clean neck, liked her f/hand, rise over loin, fell away a bit but strong h/quarters. Sympathetically handled which paid dividends in the Challenge as she moved so much better than in the class.  RBCC.

3- Samson’s Estet Classic Romance (imp)

OB-2 ,  1-Hargreaves & Howlett’s  Am. Ch. Grand Cru Resonance With Mistweave (imp USA), 3yr. white and blue/fawn brindle. Feminine head with a really gorgeous expression, tidy shoulders and well laid upper arm, she is curvy,  has a broad back and ex, h/quarters. Well filled front. She moved so well, with ease and soundness, one of the best of the entry. Today, for me, she was just carrying  a bit too much “condition” and it spoiled her overall balance. A very sweet bitch.

2- Mackenzie’sBoughton Macs Bouncing Bomb, Pretty  white and brindle with a lovely head, dark eye and pleasant expression. Standing, she looks well . Would like to see a bit more muscle on her, as, at the moment, she is lacking in second thigh and is generally loose  coming and going. She is still young and has time to develop and mature

VB-2,  1- Holder & Howes Maria Lucia Di Mascotts,  Fit blue brindle lady of 10 yrs. Moved very well until the Challenge, in spite of her handler tripping over her! Classic and elegant head, holds herself proudly, still maintains a strong topline,  and she really covered the ground.  BV

2- Boggia’ Boughton Bellina, Very nice brindle girl of 7yr. Correct f/hand and h/quarters, rather soft in topline. Very deep brisket,  neat tuck-up.  Gleaming jacket, looking very well in the sun. Moved  well. A pleasure to see both these Veterans!


Judge….Mrs. Susan  Rabey-Wilkinson






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