Points Trophies


Trophies presented at 2022 AGM

Wins at Championship Shows where CC’s are on Offer. (Runs from January to December each year)

Top Greyhound of the Year 2021


1st Ch Ina's Fashion Dedictated to Boughton with 120pts + group placings.

2nd and Best Opposite Sex Ch Ina's Fashion Designed by Boughton with 46 pts.

BIS= 30pts, Group 1=25pts, Group 2=20pts, Group 3=18pts, Group 4=16pts. BOB= 15pts, CC=10pts, RCC= 7pts At the Greyhound Club Ch. Show BIS= 30pts, RBIS= 20pts.

Top Puppy of the Year 2021


1st Boughton Boomerang with 35 points

2nd and Best Puppy Bitch Boughton Bandaroo with 14 points.

1st= 3pts, 2nd= 2pts, 3rd= 1pt. Best Puppy= 7pts (all to be won in Puppy Class) Plus Best Puppy at the Greyhound Club Shows.

Top Racing/Coursing Greyhound of the Year 2021

1st Nutts Corner

2nd Wachovia Benjy

3rd and Best Bitch Haurache Mags

Points for this trophy are to be counted from January to December each year. Points can only be gained from Racing/Coursing Classes.

1st= 6pts 2nd= 5pts 3rd= 4pts

Points Won from Racing/Coursing classes only at Championship shows

1st= 5pts 2nd= 4pts 3rd=3pts

Points gained from Racing/Coursing classes only at Open Shows.

Best Racing/Coursing in show at 3 club shows = extra 8pts

The Treetops Trophy

2021 Winner

Mrs Wendy Scoles - Nutts Corner

Points for this trophy are to be counted from January to December each year. For owners who have not won a CC/RCC. Points are awarded in breed classes only as follows:-

Ch Shows 1st= 6pts, 2nd= 5pts, 3rd= 4pts.

Open Shows: 1st= 5pts, 2nd= 4pts, 3rd= 3pts. BIS= 8pts, BOB= 5pts.

Limit Shows 1st=3pts, 2nd= 2pts, 3rd= 1pt. BIS= 5pts.

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