Points Trophies

Wins at Championship Shows where CC’s are on Offer. (Runs from January to December each year)

Top Greyhound of the Year.

BIS= 30pts, Group 1=25pts, Group 2=20pts, Group 3=18pts, Group 4=16pts. BOB= 15pts, CC=10pts, RCC= 7pts At the Greyhound Club Ch. Show BIS= 30pts, RBIS= 20pts.

Top Puppy of the Year

1st= 3pts, 2nd= 2pts, 3rd= 1pt. Best Puppy= 7pts (all to be won in Puppy Class) Plus Best Puppy at the Greyhound Club Shows.

Top Racing/Coursing Greyhound of the Year

Points for this trophy are to be counted from January to December each year. Points can only be gained from Racing/Coursing Classes.

1st= 6pts 2nd= 5pts 3rd= 4pts

Points Won from Racing/Coursing classes only at Championship shows

1st= 5pts 2nd= 4pts 3rd=3pts

Points gained from Racing/Coursing classes only at Open Shows.

Best Racing/Coursing in show at 3 club shows = extra 8pts

The Treetops Trophy

Points for this trophy are to be counted from January to December each year. For owners who have not won a CC/RCC. Points are awarded in breed classes only as follows:-

Ch Shows 1st= 6pts, 2nd= 5pts, 3rd= 4pts.

Open Shows: 1st= 5pts, 2nd= 4pts, 3rd= 3pts. BIS= 8pts, BOB= 5pts.

Limit Shows 1st=3pts, 2nd= 2pts, 3rd= 1pt. BIS= 5pts.

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