The Greyhound Club

2020 Spring Open Show

Steventon Village Hall, Steventon, Abingdon, Oxon. OX13 6RR on Saturday 15th March 2020.

21 Class Open Show

Judge: Mrs Andrea Spurr (Suttonelms)


BIS Ch Boughton Balenciaga

RBIS Ch Boughton Blakeney Sh.CM

BR/CIS Ooaar Nicolar At Muicks

RBR/CIS Wachovia Benjy

BVIS Ch Boughton Blakeney Sh.CM

RBVIS Ch Boughton Balanchine Sh.CM

Class 1 Puppy Dog (No entries)

Class 2 Junior Dog (1 entry)

1st Ina’s Fashion Exalted at Incitatus (Imp)

Class 3 Yearling Dog (1 entry)

1st Ina’s Fashion Exalted at Incitatus (Imp)

Class 4 Novice Dog (No entries)

Class 5 Post Graduate Dog (2 entries)

1st Boughton Balmain

2nd Jaxx Teller at Stonelow

Class 6 Limit Dog (2 entries, 1 absent)

1st Skyswift New Moon

Class 7 Open Dog (3 entries, 3 absent)

Class 8 Special Racing/Lure Coursing Dog (6 entries)

1st Wachovia Benjy

2nd Puppy Eyes at Muicks

3rd Barley Phoenix

4th Jaxx Teller at Stonelow

5th Affleck Barney Bestest Bud

6th Aghadown Cain

Class 9 Veteran Dog (3 entries, 1 absent)

1st Ch Boughton Blakeney Sh.CM

2nd Galtymoore Fran

Class 10 Special Racing/Lure Coursing Veteran Dog (4 entries, 2 absent)

1st Aghadown Cain

2nd Fire Lane Jet

Best Dog Ch Boughton Blakeney Sh.CM

Reserve Best Dog Skyswift New Moon

Best Veteran Dog Dog Ch Boughton Blakeney Sh.CM

Best Racing/Lure Coursing Dog Wachovia Benjy

Class 11 Puppy Bitch (No entries)

Class 12 Junior Bitch (No entries)

Class 13 Yearling Bitch (1 entry, 1 absent)

Class 14 Novice Bitch (1 entry)

1st Big Fighter Below Hill (Cze Imp)

Class 15 Post Graduate Bitch (1 entry, 1 absent)

Class 16 Limit Bitch (3 entries, 2 absent)

1st Sign Emily

Class 17 Open Bitch (4 entries, 2 absent)

1st Ch Boughton Balenciaga

2nd Ch Ina’s Fashion Designed by Boughton

Class 18 Special Racing/Lure Coursing Bitch (8 entries, 3 absent)

1st Ooaar Nicolar at Muicks

2nd Huarache Mags NAF TAF

3rd Moors Maranda

4th Barley Domino

5th Awesome Thing

Class 19 Veteran Bitch (4 entries, 1 absent)

1st Ch Boughton Balanchine Sh.CM

2nd Estet Classic Romance (Imp)

3rd Telltales Celia (Imp)

Class 20 Special Racing/Lure Coursing Veteran Bitch (2 entries, 1 absent)

1st Moors Maranda

Best Bitch Ch Boughton Balenciaga

Reserve Best Bitch Ch Ina’s Fashion Design By Boughton

Best Veteran Bitch Ch Boughton Balanchine Sh.CM

Best Racing/Lure Coursing Bitch Ooaar Nicolar at Muicks

Class 21 Brace (4 entries, 2 absent)

1st Barber’s Brace

2nd Bakewell’s Brace


Judges Critique

A few absentees, with this awful Corvid-19 virus I do not blame people staying close to home. I was really pleased with the quality of all the dogs, and I especially enjoyed the Racing & Coursing classes, always supporting our club with their beautiful hounds. Disappointing that there are no puppies in the ring at the moment, let’s hope this changes in the near future. The Greyhound committee were very busy, with lots of positive comments to the changes the club have made following a survey last year. The food was excellent with everyone having time to socialise, hopefully this will continue. Thank you to all exhibitors for bringing your wonderful greyhounds I really did enjoy myself.


JD, 1, Mr G & Mrs E Boggart, Ina’s Fashion Exalted at Incitatus large enough boy of 15 months. Red and white parti, plenty of bone and substance. Would like smaller ears. Long enough neck leading into well laid shoulder. Straight front and lovely depth of chest, would like elbows tucked under more, this will come with age. Good length of rib, needs to settle in topline. Well bent stifle, correct muscular thighs, moving dogs inside especially when excitable can make assessing movement difficult, but you could tell at times when settled, he had a good reach in front and plenty of rear propulsion.    



YD, 1, Mr G & Mrs E Boggart, Ina’s Fashion Exalted at Incitatus see junior


PGD 2, 1,Boughton Balmain Mrs M A Holder & Mr D B Howe 3 ½  year old striking, upstanding male of 3 ½ years, correct head with lovely chiselling, good length of neck, with well laid shoulders, correct angulation to the fore with good layback and return of upper arm, and deep chest, well knuckled feet, he really was enjoying himself on the move and had fun in the challenge. 2, Mrs H Sawyer Jaxx Teller at Stonelow 5 year old, white and blue boy of racing type in good muscular condition. Just the loveliest of heads with a dark eye and gentle expression, small ears. Shapley with the correct curves, correct depth of chest with elbows tucked in, although a bit wide in front, with his well-muscled rear he moved well in profile holding his topline with a good length of stride.     



LD 2 (1 ab) 1, Mrs M & Miss M Howlett, Miss E J Howden Skyswift New Moon 3 ½ year old mainly white, gave the impression of powerful and Strong, of quality and breed type with lots to like. Good bone. Masculine head, well chiselled, with neat rose shaped ears. Strong neck into well laid shoulder with well knuckled feet. Ribs well sprung and laid back, topline could be more arched. Thighs well-muscled which gave him drive, another who can cover the ground standing and on the move. Moved sound and true coming and going with real drive from the rear. Please to award him Res Best Dog.  



Special Racing/Lure Coursing 6, interesting class placing could change on another day. 1, Miss S Clarke Wachovia Benjy 4 year old, standing you could see this boy was fit and could do his job, great condition, super head with dark eyes  angulation in front and rear, would have liked stronger pasterns, deep chest, muscled well, balanced on the move, with drive from the rear. great partnership with his owner. 2, Mrs A K Thompson Puppy Eyes at Muicks 5 year old stylish boy in fabulous condition, with curves and correct muscle. Correct head and expression with a dark eye. I liked his forward low reaching stride. 3, Mr D Barber, Barley Phoenix


VD 3 (1 ab) 1, Mrs M A Holder & Mr D B Howe Ch Boughton Blakeney ShCM Blue brindle, coming up for 8 years of age. I have admired this dog, and he did not disappoint when going over him. Handsome head on this upstanding male. Long neck into well placed front, good bone, slightly sprung pasterns and correct feet. Good infill. Deep chest, spring of rib with good length of loin. Muscular thighs with low hocks giving him the drive to cover plenty of ground held his top line on the move. Please to award him Best Veteran, best dog & Reserve best in show. 2. Miss V A Ball, Galtymoore Fran lovely racing type, in good condition and muscle, long head with dark eyes, small ears, strong jaw, held his topline on the move.


Special Racing/Lure Coursing Veteran, 4 (2 ab) 1, Miss V A Ball Aghadown Cain A beautiful black in great condition for age. Lovely long head with a dark eye. Long, curvy and in fit condition with good muscle tone. Moved well in profile. 2. Miss K M Bakewell Fire Lane Jet, 8 years old, of racing type, sweetest of expressions, clear bright eyes, good muscle tone, moved well, credit goes to the owner as I was informed he was getting over a serious injury, was lovey to see him today.


NB, 1, Mr D W Clarke Big Fighter Below Hill (Cze Imp) 2 year old best coat condition of the day fine and close. A beautiful black, elegant, and shapely bitch. Fine head, chiselled jaw, and the sweetest of expressions. Good bone, long neck going in to well laid shoulders, deep chest and well ribbed. Moved well when settled, but didn’t cover the ground like the winners in the challenge today. I have watched this bitch become more confident and will continue to watch with interest.  


LB, 3 (2 ab) 1, Sign Emily, brindle, small and fine all through, with a wonderful expression, small ears, bright eyes. balanced on the move, held her top line, and when standing stood 4 square.


OB, 4 (2ab), 1, Miss C, Ch Boggia Boughton Balenciaga 3 ½ year old blue brindle of quality, and type, long head, good eye shape and colour, neat ears, long neck into good shoulders, straight forelegs, with correct infill, elbows tucked in, good depth of chest and spring to ribs, well angled hindquarters, straight hocks, she was not happy to stand today however when she moved you just could not take your eyes off her, she flows, perfect low reaching front stride, with hindlegs coming well under giving the drive from the rear, she moved so true. I was please to award her BIS. 2, Miss C Boggia Ch Ina’s Fashion Design By Boughton 2 ½ year old Elegant bitch, and the perfect picture standing. Head with just enough stop, dark eyes, neat rose shaped ears, Loved her long arched neck which she really showed off on the move, well laid shoulders and straight forelegs, depth to chest with good length of ribs, firm slightly arched loins, angulation fore and rear hindquarters, compact feet, balanced showing great drive on the move. Res Best Bitch.



Special Racing/Lure Coursing, 8 (3 ab) 1, Mrs A K Thompsom Ooaar Nicolar At Muicks 5 ½ years old stylish curvy black bitch. correct bone and feet. Elegant through the head with a lovely dark eye and expression. Moved with purpose and good reach and drive. 2, Miss J M Sadler Huarache Mags 3 ½ year old, shapely bitch which made me keep looking at her, and another great partnership. Lots to like about her, curves in all the right places, straight front, deep chest, muscled well, good angulation, moved steady and true.



VB, 5 (1 ab) 2 lovely bitches of different types, close decision today, 1, Miss R Howlett Ch Boughton Balanchine ShCM 7 ½ year old Elegant dark brindle bitch, loved her size & balanced outline on stack. Great head shape & correct eye & ear set, good length of neck leading to straight front, well sprung pasterns, correct feet, depth of chest & good rib & loin Sound all through with the essential balance and shape, low hocks and a long tail. Sound mover both coming & going, she kept her lovely shape & balance on the move. 2, Miss L Samson Estet Classic Romance (Imp) 7 year old, compact with beautiful curves, strongly built with correct muscle all through, lovely to go over, with qualities that appealed to me, Pleasing head with strong jaw, deep chest, ribs laid back and topline held on the move, low in the hocks. Moved slightly loose in the elbow but had real drive from the rear. 3,P A Ayling Telltales Celia (Imp) 11 years old



Special Racing/Lure Coursing Veteran, 2 (1 ab) 1, Mr M Pinder & Miss S Clarke Moors Maranda 7 year old, great condition, with ample muscle, lovely head long with moderate width, bright eyes, strong jaw, moved well with drive from the rear.  


Brace 1. Mr D barber, racing type very well matched black white parti, moving together round the ring. 2 Bakewell’s brindle and parti, very happy pair enjoying their time.




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