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This year we are encouraging all Greyhound owners to participate in our health survey. The purpose of our survey is to find out the strengths and weaknesses of today's Greyhounds. We hope to spot any potential issues for the future to keep our dogs as healthy as possible.

This survey is anonymous and we would value your participation.



A comparative study in the incidence of Osteosarcoma and causes of mortality
in the pedigree show-bred greyhound, and the ex-racing greyhound.


 In 2019, the University of Nottingham conducted a research project which examined the incidence and epidemiology of Osteosarcoma in ex-racing greyhounds. This year, a similar study is being run to compare the incidence of Osteosarcoma in pedigree show-bred greyhounds and ex-racing greyhounds together, to determine if there are differences in how frequently we see this disease in each group.

 Research in this area is currently lacking and this represents an opportunity to learn more about Osteosarcoma and how we may improve the outcome of dogs suffering with it.
This project will use an online survey and is available for anyone in the UK
who has owned greyhounds which have since passed away in the last 20 years.
By gathering information on the reason for death and the presence of
Osteosarcoma in these greyhounds, we will become more aware of the main
health issues affecting this breed. This information will help inform us of
how we might reduce the risk of these conditions developing and to preserve
the health of the greyhound..

The survey will be open from August this year and will close mid-late
September. We would be incredibly grateful for your responses. The more
responses we have, the more useful the information will be.
This research and survey has been approved by the University of Nottingham and associated Ethics Committees. All participants in the survey will be anonymised and so no information about those taking part can ever be shared.
The results of the study will be made available to those who completed the
survey and greyhound owners as soon as we are able to, once the research has
been published.
If you have any questions about this research project, how to get involved,
or how the information will be used, please email Elizabeth Pratt at


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