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The schedules for Greyhound Club Shows have now been sent out to all members. These are available to enter online.

GC-open-Aug2021-am (highampress.co.uk)

GC-open-Aug2021-pm (highampress.co.uk)

GC-ch-Oct2021 (highampress.co.uk)


We would value your support to take part in our health surveys. Links can be found on our health page. Lets work together to keep our wonderful breed as healthy as possible.




The Greyhound Club

Officers and Committee

Mrs B Hannaford

Vice Presidents
Mr I Bond
Mrs V White
Mrs E Newsham

Miss C Boggia

Mrs J Mackenzie

Mrs A Spurr


Mrs M Holder

Mrs M Howlett

Miss R Howlett

Mrs D Kenis-Pordham
Mr A Mackenzie

Mr M Prowting

Miss H Sawyer

Mrs K Skinner


Racing/Coursing Representative

Mrs K Skinner


Breed Health Coordinator

Miss C Boggia


Breed Liaison Officer

Miss C Boggia


Breed Education Coordinator

Mrs J Mackenzie




The 2016 Greyhound Club Handbook is still available, if you would like to order a copy you can do so by contacting :thegreyhoundclub@yahoo.co.uk

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United Kingdom

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