Annual Club Points Awards

Trophies were presented at 2023 AGM

(Runs from January to December each year)

Top Greyhound of the year 2022


1st Ch Ina’s Fashion Dedicated to Boughton    122 points
2nd Ch Europa Decuma via Windspiel  76 points 
3rd Ina’s Fashion Flair at Incitatus  66 points
4th Sobers Geraldine 53 points
5th Sobers Gaston  49 points


Points gained at Champonship Shows were CCs are on offer only.

BIS= 30pts, Group 1=25pts, Group 2=20pts, Group 3=18pts, Group 4=16pts.

BOB= 15pts, CC=10pts, RCC= 7pts

At the Greyhound Club Ch. Show BIS= 30pts, RBIS= 20pts.



Pictured Clare Boogia, Roisin Howlett co owners along with Ina Koulermou. Trophy presented by Ian Bond (Vice President)



Top Puppy of the Year 2022


1st Ina’s Fashion Finest at Chosovi 40 points
2nd Ina’s Fashion Flair at Incitatus 26 points
3rd Southpoint Lady Loki 16 points
4th Ina’s Fashion Famous 14 points
5th Fionn Clann Bluebelle 10 points



1st= 3pts, 2nd= 2pts, 3rd= 1pt. Best Puppy= 7pts (all to be won in Puppy Class) Plus Best Puppy at the Greyhound Club Shows.


Top Racing/Coursing Greyhound of the Year 2022


1st Satteo Jet 57 points
2nd Wachovia Benjy 56 points
3rd Haurache Mags 53 points
4th Affleck Barney Best Bud 40 points
5th Nutts Corner 37 points


Points can only be gained from Racing/Coursing Classes.

1st= 6pts 2nd= 5pts 3rd= 4pts

Points Won from Racing/Coursing classes only at Championship shows

1st= 5pts 2nd= 4pts 3rd=3pts

Points gained from Racing/Coursing classes only at Open Shows.

Best Racing/Coursing in show at 3 club shows = extra 8pts

Please note: The general open show points need to be confirmed from the club Secretary's so please encourage them to forward the results to The Greyhound Club


                                                                                                                             Pictured above owner Miss A Ball. Trophy presented by Clare Boggia (Chairman)



The Treetops Trophy 2022 Winner


Jaxx Teller At Stonelow


For owners who have not won a CC/RCC. Points are awarded in breed classes only as follows:-

Ch Shows 1st= 6pts, 2nd= 5pts, 3rd= 4pts.

Open Shows: 1st= 5pts, 2nd= 4pts, 3rd= 3pts. BIS= 8pts, BOB= 5pts.

Limit Shows 1st=3pts, 2nd= 2pts, 3rd= 1pt. BIS= 5pts.





Pictured owner Helen Sawyer. Trophy presented by Clare Boggia (Chairman)



Affix Award

         1st  Boughton               17  Class Wins
    2nd Skyswift                  9     “        “
      3rd  Zoraden                  8     “        “   

    IMP  Dogs                     86    “        “
   R/C   Dogs                    27    “        “
  Overseas Exhibitors      23     “       “









Pictured Clare Boggia (Boughton), presented by Ian Bond 

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