2023 Annual Club Points Awards

Trophies were presented at 2024 AGM

(Runs from January to December each year)


Top Dog 2023

1.Ch Europa Decuma via Windspiel 7 CC’s 6 BOB Gp 2 3 RCC’s 141pts
2.Ch Southpoint Niemeyer at Highwick 4 CC’s 1 BOB 5 RCC’s 80pts
3.Ch Fionn Clann Lucullus for Boughton 4 CC’s 4 RCC’s 68pts
4.Ch Sobers Geraldine 3 CC’s 3 BOB G1, G3 58pts
5.Ch Southpoint Lady Loki at Highwick 2 CC’s 2 BOB 3 RCC’s 51pts

Top Puppy 2023

1. Rubicon’s Songbird for Boughton (IMP USA) 6 BP (CH) 1 BP (O) 49 points
2. Rubicon’s Don’t Stop Believing (IMP USA) 4 BP (CH) 28 points
3. Ch Southpoint Niemeyer at Highwick (IMP PRT) 2 BP (CH) 1BP (0) 21 points
4. Azravi’s Marked by The Sunrise at Kirojax (IMP NOR) 1 BP (CH) 2nd Place (0) 9 points
5. Inchydoney Memories Talisman at Hallimans (IMP FRA) 1BP (CH) 7 points
6. Inchydoney Memories Une Virgin Mary avec Stonelow (IMP FRA) 1BP (CH) 7 points


Top Racing/Lure Coursing Dog of the Year 2023

1st Nutts Corner 42 points
2nd Satteo Jet 37 points
3rd Affleck Barney Bestest Bud 32 points
4th Haurache Mags 30 points 

5th Wachovia Benjy & Droopys Tavern 29 points


Treetops Trophy

 Inchydoney Memories Une Virgin Mary avec Stonelow

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