Advice for potential puppy buyers

Build a relationship with the breeder. Buying a puppy should never be a last minute decision. This often means you have several months before your puppy arrives to get to know the breed and your breeder. Any reputable breeder will want to research you as much as you will them, so expect to be asked many questions as to your suitability to become a greyhound owner. A good breeder will not be offended to be asked questions so do plenty of research on things such as rearing and feeding, health, exercise etc. Ask at the outset if there is a written and signed contract, is the puppy endorsed, what sort of aftercare and support is offered. Ideally visit the breeder to see their dogs and make sure this is the breed for you before the puppies arrive. Always ensure you see the puppies with their mother and check they are have been weaned at home. The bitch should not be younger than two years old when having the puppies and she has not had more than one litter in past year. As a general rule do not pay a deposit for a puppy, certainly do not pay a deposit before you visit the breeder or the before the puppies are born. Greyhounds are generally a very healthy breed but ask the breeder for details about greyhound neuropathy and heart testing.

Prices will vary among breeders, increased price does not necessarily guarantee health or quality. There are no rare colours in pure bred greyhounds.Always go to the home to collect your puppy. Make sure you are happy with the way the litter is being reared, that all the puppies look healthy and alert and bright with good body condition. Puppies should not leave the breeder before at least 8 weeks and come with a contract documents, free initial insurance cover, be microchipped, details of worming treatment and vaccinations, kennel club registration and pedigree and be given a pack of puppy care guidelines relating to the greyhound as a minimum. 
Any breeder displaying this advice will be proud to uphold these principles.


For further advice contact the Club 
Secretary, Julie Mackenzie 

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