The Greyhound Club History

A Short History of The Greyhound Club.


The Present Club was believed to have originated from the South Western Greyhound Association. The second world war saw the end of this. Then in1946 many of the former members got together to form the present club.


On the 18th September 1945 At the Golden Lion Hotel, Camborne, Cornwall where Mesdames M Boggia, B Stevens and Messrs Jesse Prowse both Senior
and junior,J Hollows,A G Boggia,J Phillips, W R Bonetta,J Searle, Peter George, J Russell, A H Opie and Barney Stevens.


A President and Chairman was elected, this being A H Opie with Barney Stevens as Honorary Secretary and his wife taking the post of Treasurer.


The Club was mainly for the interest of the show bred Greyhound but track and coursing bred would derive equal benefits by membership 'it was said'. A snippet from 1949 maybe of interest, Peter George and J Phillips along with their show dogs attended the meet of Sennen Coursing Club and compared favourably with the GSB hounds by putting up 17 hares.

ln 1949 only one trophy The Frances S Gentle Cup was on offer which seems to have been lost over the years.


The first club open show was staged in 1976. Then in 1978 the K C gave the club Championship Status. This was judged by Dorothy Dicks { Dixmoors }.
Winners of the first CCs at this show being Ch Reden Pryskwyth Of Exhurst who was BOB (pictured right).

Ch Wenonah Goosander was BCC and BOS (pictured left).


In 2016, The Greyhound Club celebrated its 70th Anniversary with a special championship Show. Members received a free goody bag full of gifts.

The Greyhound Club goes from strength to strength and our handbook published every five years is packed full of interest for all lovers of this special breed whether Show, Racing or Coursing.


2021 was our 75th Diamond Jubilee year and unfortunately the COVID 19 pandemic postponed our planned celebrations including delaying the Greyhound World Congress. We did however, manage to hold three shows over one weekend in October 2021 enabling many exhibitors to join a get together at local hotel. A evening meal was enjoyed by many.


2024 will be a busy year with The Greyhound Club being granted two sets of CCs, we have elected to hold these in conjunction with club open shows. 

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