2023 Autumn Open Show

Held at Steventon Village Hall on Sunday 8th October 2023

Judge: Mrs Pam Ayling

BEST IN SHOW Windspiel Northern Stilo
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW Ina’s Fashion Coquette
BEST PUPPY IN SHOW Rubicon’s Songbird By Boughton
BEST VETERAN IN SHOW Windspiel Northern Stilo



Class 1 Puppy Dog (No Entries)
Class 2 Junior Dog (2 Entries, 1absent)
1st Southpoint Niemeyer At Highwick
Class 3 Yearling Dog (No entries)
Class 4 Novice Dog (2 entries, 1 absent)
1st Heathlawn O’Hara
Class 5 Post Graduate Dog (2 entries, 1absent)
1st Whirlaway All Fired Up At Boughton
Class 6 Limit Dog (2 entries)
1st Satteo Jet
2nd Jaxx Teller At Stonelow
Class 7 Open Dog (1 entry)
1st Droopys Tavern
Class 8 Special Racing/Lure Coursing Dog (4 entries)
1st Satteo Jet
2nd Affleck Barney Bestest Bud
3rd Droopys Tavern
4th Heathlawn O’Hara
Class 9 Veteran Dog (4 Entries, 3absent)
1st Jaxx Teller At Stonelow
Class 10 Special Racing/Lure Coursing Veteran Dog (4 entries, 2absent)
1st Affleck Barney Bestest Bud
2nd Droopys Tavern


BD Southpoint Niemeyer At Highwick
RBD Whirlaway All Fired Up At Boughton
BVD Jaxx Teller At Stonelow
BR/CD Satteo Jet




Class 11 Puppy Bitch (1 Entry)
1st Rubicon’s Songbird By Boughton

Class 12 Junior Bitch ( 1 Entry, 1 absent)
Class 13 Yearling Bitch (1Entry, 1absent)
Class 14 Novice Bitch (2 Entries,)
1st Westview Puddles
2nd Magical Saskia
Class 15 Post Graduate Bitch (No entries)
Class 16 Limit Bitch (4 Entries)
1st Southpoint Lady Loki At Highwick
2nd Boughton Birrong
3rd Fionn Clann Bluebelle
4th Huarache Mags
Class 17 Open Bitch (2 Entries)
1st Ch Skyswift Moonlite Serenade
2nd Zoraden Your Precious Love At Shimmeree
Class 18 Special Racing/Lure Coursing Bitch (5 Entries, 1absent)
1st Nutts Corner
2nd Westview Puddles
3rd Magical Saskia
4th Huarache Mags
Class 19 Veteran Bitch (6 entries, 1absent)
1st Windspiel Northern Stilo
2nd Ina’s Fashion Coquette
3rd Ch Skyswift Moonlite Serenade
4th Windgold Rapide Mascotts
5th Zoraden A Little Tenderness With Cairdean
Class 20 Special Racing/Lure Coursing Veteran Bitch (3 Entries, 2absent)
1st Leamaneigh Lulu


BB Windspiel Northern Stilo
RBB Ina’s Fashion Coquette
BPB Rubicon’s Songbird By Boughton
BVB Windspiel Northern Stilo
BR/CB Nutts Corner



Many thanks for giving me the opportunity to judge your hounds. Just a few with dirty teeth that need attention.


Junior Dog 2 entries/ 1 absent

!st  Harrison-Stratford’s Southpoint Niemeyer at Highwick, (Imp  Prt) 17 month red, strongly built, upstanding, well laid shoulders, deep chested. Well-muscled, moved with propulsion.   Best Dog.


Novice Dog  2 entries/ 1 transferred

1st Mallen-Wallace;s Heathdown O Hara, 5 year old red brindle dog of racing type, well built with slightly arched loin, powerful muscular hindquarters.


Post Graduate Dog 2 entries/1 transferred

1st Boggia’s Whirlaway All Fired Up At Boughton (Imp Aus), 2 year old red flat skull, slight stop with good mouth good shoulders, deep chest and correct topline.. Moved well for his handler. Reserve Best Dog


Limit Dog 2 entries

1st Ball’s Satteo Jet, 5 year old black racing dog. Strong & Muscular, bright dark oval eyes with correct rose shaped ears, free striding powerful movement, and lovely glossy coat condition. Reserve best Racing/Coursing in show

2nd Sawyer’s Jaxx Teller at Stonelaw 8 year particoloured racing/coursing dog, looking fit for his age, well-muscled and moving with drive.

Open Dog  (Transferred)

1st Mallen-Wallace’s Droopy’s Tavern, 7 year old particoloured well-muscled racing type, flat footed, down on his pasterns, could use some road work to tighten up.


Special Racing/Coursing Dog 4 entries

1st Ball’s Satteo jet

2nd Bakewell’s Affleck Bestest Bud, 7 year old brindle, typical head with strong jaws, rose ears, shoulders & hind rather upright causing a stilted action/movement.

3rd Mallen- Wallace’s Droopy’s Tavern

Reserve/4th   Mallen-Wallace’s Heathlawn O Hara

Veteran Dog 4 entries/ 3 absent

1st  Sawyer’s  Jaxx Teller at Stonelow

Special Racing/Coursing Veteran Dog  4 enteries/2 absent

1st Bakewell’s Affleck Barney Bestest Bud

2nd Mallen-Wallace’s Droopys Tavern

Puppy Bitch 1 entry

1st Boggia’s Rubicon Songbird by Boughton (imp Usa), 11 month blue brindle, Feminine, Curvaceous, one to watch for the future, Correct construction and moving out well.


Novice Bitch 2 entries

1st Heyman’s Magical Saskia, 5 year old brindle of racing type, good head, scissor bite,
muscular neck into set back shoulders. Free striding movement.

2nd Prince & Ballentine’s Westview Puddles, 5 year old fawn of racing type, deep capacious chest
with well-muscled hindquarters but on the day I preferred the movement of the class winner.

Limit Bitch 4 entries

1st Harrison-Stratford’s Southpoint Lady Loki at Highwick (Imp Prt) 2 year old brindle & white particoloured. Impressive Upstanding bitch with pleasing correct head and muscular neck into strong shoulders. Slightly arched loins and powerful hindquarters. Free striding gait, covering the ground.

2nd  Boggia’s Boughton Birrong, 2 year old red & white particoloured. Very Well handled. Strongly built, long head with clean lines, correct topline with powerful rear. Another good mover, a difficult decision between first and second.

3rd Holder & Boggia’s Fionn Clann Bluebelle (Imp Rus) another 2 year old who I feel needs another 6-9 months to mature

Res/4th  Sadler’s Huarache  Mags


Open Bitch  2 entries

1st Howletts CH. Skyswift Moonlite Serenade,  7 year old Red & white particolour. Upstanding, well built, deep chested, capacious body, a deserving champion. On the move her hind legs came well under her body showing propulsion.

2nd Hill’s Zoraden Your Precious Love at Shimmeree, 7 year old brindle. Good head, ears, muscular neck and good forequarters, moving with drive. Surprised to see both these bitches have the same sire but this one has a shorter length of back.


Special Racing/Lure Coursing Bitch 5 entries 1 absent

1st  Bakewell & Scoles Nutts Corner, 5 year old black, pretty, curvaceous & muscular. Pleasing head, dark eyes and good ear set.   Moved well. Best Racing Coursing in Show.

2nd Ballentine & Prince’s Westview Puddles

3rd Heyman’s Magical Saskia

Res/4th Sadler’s Huarache Mags


Veteran  Bitch  6 entries/ 1 absent

My favourite class of the day for quality.

1st Newsham’s homebred Windspiel Northern Stilo, 8 year old white, for me this bitch fills the breed standard exactly. Classic head, oval eyes, rose ears, long neck, good shoulders, arched loin and muscular hindquarters with positive movement. Best Bitch, Best Veteran in Show and B.I.S.

2nd Boggia’s Ina’s Fashion Coquette (Imp G)  8 years old brindle.  One I have admired in the past from ringside. Pretty with curvy body. Low reaching free stride.   Reserve B.I.S.

3rd Howlett’s CH Skyswift Moonlite Serenade

4th Holder’s Windgold Rapide Mascotts (Imp Ita)


Special Racing/Lure Coursing Veteran Bitch 3 entries/2 absent

1st  Heyman’s Leamaneigh Lulu, 11 year old fawn, looking and moving well for her age. Appeared to be enjoying her day out with such glorious weather.

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