Greyhound Data provides information about greyhounds from all over the world with pedigree information drawn from the last four centuries. Online are 3,287,000 race results and 1,868,125 greyhound pedigrees
Pet Blood Bank UK are currently trying to promote the charity and also seek out additional doggie donors as blood supplies are running low. Pet Blood Bank ( is the UK’s only canine blood donation charity. We collect blood from dog donors at organised collection sessions throughout the UK and have supplied over 12,000 units of canine blood to vet practices across the UK. This blood is often for life-saving surgery and every unit of blood Pet Blood Bank UK collects can help save the lives of up to four dogs.
In order to give blood, fit and healthy dogs need to meet the following criteria:
• have a good temperament
• be aged between one and eight years old
• weigh more than 25 kilos
• have not travelled outside of the UK
• be up-to-date with all vaccinations

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United Kingdom

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